May 6, 2024

Hortgro Legacy Foundation Boosts SA Fruit Industry with Sustainability Focus

SA Fruit

The newly inaugurated Hortgro Legacy Foundation (HLF) in Paarl promises to revolutionize South Africa’s deciduous fruit sector by integrating alternative income sources to supplement traditional funding. This strategic move, aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the pome and stone fruit industries, comes at a critical time when global agricultural sectors face mounting pressures from climate change and economic shifts.

Anton Rabe, Executive Director of Hortgro, emphasized the urgent need for self-reliance in light of worsening climate conditions and local challenges. The foundation will focus on essential areas such as humanitarian welfare, environmental stewardship, and technological and research advancements to fortify the industry against future crises.

Highlighting the foundation’s unique approach, Angelo Petersen, HLF Chairperson, and Nicholas Dicey, Hortgro Chairperson and HLF Trustee, reiterated that the HLF is not merely a replica of existing structures, but a proactive entity dedicated to research, technology, and humanitarian efforts within the sustainability framework.

Their objective is to create a resilient agricultural sector that promotes rural stability and socio-economic development.

The HLF’s comprehensive strategy encompasses humanitarian aid, environmental protection, community upliftment, and innovation.
This approach not only aims to improve fruit production and disease resistance, but also pledges to uphold the well-being of those working within the industry, ensuring no one is left behind in the pursuit of agricultural excellence and sustainability.