About us

Agri News is a dynamic & forward-looking publication, focused on driving positive narratives within the Agricultural Sector of the Western Cape.


Our primary goal is to uplift and inspire our readers by highlighting the achievements, innovations, and impactful initiatives within the industry.

Through our content, we aim to promote a sense of optimism and unity, bringing individuals and businesses together under a shared vision of success.

Frequency: Once a Month

Format: Tabloid

Paper: White bonded paper, Saddle Stitched. (FSC) compliant

Pages: 16 – 24

Farming, Lifestyle, Science & Technology, Livestock, Environment,
Young Farmers, Machinery, Business Finance, Farming Products,
Farmer’s Diary, Crops, Opinion and Analysis, Global Farming,
Horticulture, Auctions, Property, and Sustainability

Available at selected key newspaper stands in the Western Cape. Primary focus for distribution will be Agri stores, Farm
Stalls, Coffee Shops, selected high end Food Stores and Shopping Malls.


Circulation: 10,000 printed copies each month.

Deadlines: 12th (Each Month)

Distribution: Last week of each month

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