March 28, 2024

Join the Mobi-kraal Revolution Secure Livestock, Save Predators, and Compete for R50,000


The Cape Leopard Trust has unveiled an enticing opportunity for innovators in the agricultural and conservation fields with its latest initiative, the ‘Mobi-kraal’ project. This national competition seeks designs for a mobile, predator-proof kraal that is not only affordable, safe, and durable, but also portable, providing a much-needed solution for livestock farmers in predator-prone areas. The challenge is set against the backdrop of increasing conflicts between wildlife and agricultural operations, where predators, lacking natural prey, often resort to hunting livestock, resulting in significant economic losses and cycles of retaliation.

To encourage widespread participation and drive innovation, the competition is accompanied by an attractive incentive: a generous cash prize for the winning design. The prize, amounting to R50,000, aims to motivate individuals and teams from across South Africa to lend their expertise and creativity to this cause. Additionally, the winning team or individual will be awarded travel and accommodation costs valued at R20,000 to collaborate with the Cape Leopard Trust in developing and field-testing their design, further enhancing the practical impact of their solution.

The Mobi-kraal initiative is a response to the urgent need for effective, humane methods to protect livestock from predation, particularly during nighttime when they are most vulnerable. After consulting with communities affected by leopard conflicts, the Trust recognized the necessity for a kraal that could be easily set up and moved as needed. This project aims to provide a design blueprint accessible to livestock farmers and conservation organizations worldwide, contributing significantly to depredation mitigation efforts.

Open to South African citizens or permanent residents aged 18 and older, the competition invites entries from individuals or teams of up to five members, from any discipline. This inclusive approach ensures a rich diversity of ideas and solutions, drawing from a broad spectrum of expertise. Entrants are encouraged to review the detailed competition guide available on the Mobi-kraal website, which outlines the submission process, design criteria, and judging process.

With the submission window open from 1 February to 30 June 2024, and the winners to be announced on 10 August 2024, participants have a unique chance to contribute to a project that bridges the gap between agriculture and wildlife conservation. This competition not only offers a substantial financial reward, but also the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the livelihoods of farmers and the preservation of wildlife.

For more information visit or email [email protected]