April 9, 2024

InteliGro announces the integration of a seed division


Seed is the cornerstone of agriculture. Without it, no human or animal can eat.

InteliGro recently announced the further strengthening of its value proposition through the integration of seed supplier, InteliSeed, into the business, effective 1 April 2024. The sustainability and success of growers are at the heart of the InteliGro business, and to optimise and protect crops to deliver high-quality yields.

With this integration, InteliGro is in an even stronger position to meet the needs of growers. Through extensive research, and partnering with highly regarded local and international suppliers, the seed portfolios aim to deliver sustainable high yielding crops.

The InteliGro seed portfolios include vegetables, oilseeds (sunflowers, canola, and soy), maize, wheat, dry beans, cover crops and pastures, and are offered to growers through a countrywide network of Seed Specialists and selected Crop Advisors.

“As part of our drive to continuously make innovation part of InteliGro’s holistic approach to growers, we are excited to have a focused seed portfolio from now on as part of the solutions,” said Niel Kruger, Regional Director InteliGro South, This offers the opportunity to optimally manage genetics through customised plant nutrition strategies, supported by well-researched crop protection and biological solutions, with on-farm technical support. Our focus is on high-quality crop production and sustainable return on the grower’s investment.”

The InteliGro value offering spans all aspects of crop production, ranging from soil conditioning, high-quality seeds, integrated crop protection, biological solutions, specialised plant nutrition, supportive technology, technical support, and a highly trained team of Crop Advisors. This places InteliGro in the best position to supply expert crop advice while keeping the focus on food safety and -security in South Africa.

Johan Nienaber, Regional Director InteliGro: North concluded, “The integration of seeds enables InteliGro to expand our integrated crop solutions by supplying high-quality vegetable, maize, and oilseeds to growers. The InteliGro seed division will be headed by Barry Erasmus as Commercial Manager: Seed, supported by Lenie Venter as Operational Manager: Seed. Our promise to our growers is that we continuously deliver high-quality seed that supports sustainable, high-yielding crops.”

“Our seed is your advantage!”

For more information visit www.inteligro.co.za