February 20, 2024

Türkiye: A Journey through Time, Culture, and Contrasts


“Türkiye stands at the crossroads of civilizations, where East and West, Europe and Asia meet, and antiquity seamlessly intertwines with the contemporary. Join our small group tour for a captivating and enriching experience of this delightful country.

We begin our adventure in Istanbul, the Constantinople of old, a city steeped in cultural richness and the former capital of bygone empires. As we traverse the iconic Bosphorus, we witness the meeting point of Europe and Asia, a symbolic continental divide that emphasises the confluence of contrasts found in Türkiye.

Next, we venture to fairy-tale-landscapes of Cappadocia where rock hewn churches tell the tales of long ago when marauding hordes literally forced the inhabitants and their religion underground. We traverse the Anatolian highlands to Konya – in the footsteps of the wise Rumi, and down to the Mediterranean coast and vibrant Antalya. Along the way we witness the wonders of antiquity: the wonderfully preserved Roman theatre of Aspendos, the ancient cities of Pergammon and Troy, biblical Ephesus, the solemnity of Cannakale, and Hierapolis. We have time to rejuvenate in the thermal waters of Pamukkale with its striking calcareous terraces, and also watch whirling Dervishes going round and round.

Experience the emotional weight of Gallipoli’s WWI history as we cross the Dardanelle Strait – the mythical Hellespont. Turkey beckons with a curious mix of ancient and modern, east and west, secular and pious. A single trip is seldom enough to unravel the layers of this enchanting country, so make a start and join our small group tour for an enriching and fascinating experience.”

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