September 4, 2023

Sri Lanka – Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka

“This paradise invites you to uncover its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality. From its tropical coasts, adorned with ivory beaches and lush greenery, to the cool highlands featuring rolling hills, tea estates and forests.

The island boasts a proud Buddhist heritage interwoven into modern life and relics from antiquity. Ancient sites like Pollonaruwa, once a capital city, showcase grand stupas and monumental Buddhas that reflect a history spanning over 3,000 years.

The mystique of Sigiriya unveils a citadel atop Lion Rock, adorned with 1,500-year-old paintings of alluring Cloud Maidens and a polished Mirror Wall.

From the painted cave temples of Dambulla we journey to the highlands around Kandy, a scenic city in the mountains and the revered Temple of the Tooth Relic.

A picturesque train ride offers panoramic views as you wind through tea plantations and forests, reaching Nuwara Eliya, or “Little England” with English-style cottages and gardens.

Yala National Park on the southern coast blends forests, savannah, and lagoons kissed by the Indian Ocean. Notably, its history is tied to South Africa through its founder-warden, Henry Engelbrecht, an Anglo-Boer War POW.

Galle, on the southwestern shores, harmonizes history with beauty through the magnificent Galle Fort, representing Sri Lanka’s colonial past, enriched by Portuguese, Dutch, and British influence.

Sri Lanka, once known as Serendip and then Ceylon, offers surprises beyond imagination, captivating even seasoned travellers. Join TE Tours in January 2024 for this enchanting journey… serendipity indeed.”

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