April 17, 2024

New Leadership at Living Soils Aims to Boost Sustainability and Food Security

Living Soils

The Living Soils Community Learning Farm has appointed Namhla Skweyiya, a seasoned Food Technologist and Food Security Specialist, as its new Programme Manager. This strategic hiring coincides with the project’s sixth year, signaling a promising phase under Namhla’s guidance. Living Soils is a collaborative endeavour by Woolworths, Spier Wine Farm, and the Sustainability Institute, aimed at tackling critical issues like food security, climate change, and agricultural inclusivity in South Africa.

Namhla Skweyiya brings over two decades of experience to her role at Living Soils, where she will build on the foundation laid by her predecessor, Rirhandzu Marivate. Her responsibilities will encompass program enhancement, stakeholder engagement, promotion of sustainable agriculture, budget management, and the implementation of strategic initiatives to support young farmers and communities.

Her transition from a substantial tenure at Woolworths to farming has deepened her commitment to sustainable agriculture, highlighting her advocacy for female farmers and underscoring the importance of partnerships in addressing food security challenges.

Furthermore, her expertise and dedication to food security and sustainable agriculture, honed through roles such as serving on the board of FoodForwardSA, make her an exemplary leader for Living Soils. Namhla’s vision extends to nurturing a new generation of leaders in sustainable agriculture through mentorship, hands-on training, and educational initiatives, focusing on regenerative farming practices.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the role, Namhla Skweyiya emphasized the significance of regenerative agriculture in ensuring food security, social equity, and building resilient communities. She looks forward to fostering collaborations to empower communities and promote sustainable agricultural practices. With Namhla at the helm, Living Soils is poised for enhanced success in its mission to empower communities and future farmers, reinforcing the importance of sustainable food systems.