September 10, 2023

Nampo Cape 2023: Nation in Conversation Sets the Agenda for Agriculture

Nation in Conversation

Nampo Cape, the renowned agricultural event, is set to host the third instalment of Nation in Conversation on 14-15 September at the Santam Auditorium First Floor, Bredasdorp Park. Nation in Conversation serves as a forum to bring together key role players in the agricultural sector and to reflect on issues, locally and internationally.

Well-known figures Theo Vorster, CEO of Galileo Capital, and Anlie Hatting, esteemed eNCA News Anchor, will take the helm as facilitators during this two-day event. In the discussions, they will be joined by various speakers including Alan Winde, Premier of Western Cape; Geordin Hill-Lewis, Mayor of the City of Cape Town; and Ivan Meyer, Western Cape Provincial Minister of Agriculture. Together with this distinguished panel of experts, as well as other experts, they will explore various aspects of the agricultural landscape, examining topics that span trade relations, canola industry growth, progress in power generation, and the challenges that plague the sheep industry’s value chain.

Session 1: Trade Relations under Scrutiny

The opening session, scheduled for 13 September at 10:00 AM, will scrutinize the impact of the Russian war on South Africa’s trade relations, causing disruptions in global supply chains, fluctuations in commodity prices, and diplomatic tensions. Industries reliant on South Africa’s resources have been particularly affected, prompting businesses to reassess their strategies. The conflict’s economic impact, coupled with considerations under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), is reshaping trade alliances and investor confidence, highlighting the intricate link between geopolitical events and international commerce.

Panel Members:

Alan Winde, Premier of Western Cape

Wolfe Braude, Agbiz

Wandile Sihlobo, Agbiz

Anthony Clarke, Smalltalkdaily Research

John Hudson, Nedbank

Session 2: Unlocking the Canola Industry’s Potential

In the afternoon of 13 September at 2:00 PM, the spotlight will turn to the Cape’s canola industry. The canola industry in the Western Cape is experiencing a dynamic surge, driven by technological advancements and sustainable practices. This growth not only enhances local economies but also establishes the Western Cape as a significant contributor to global canola supply chains, meeting rising demands for healthy oils and biofuels. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to responsible agriculture, the Cape’s canola industry is poised to unlock its full potential and shape a prosperous future.

Panel Members:

Pieter Malan, SSK

Koos Blanckenberg, Chairperson: Canola Specialist

Kellie Becker, SOILL

Jose de Kock, Producer

Session 3: Cape Leading the Way in Power Generation

On 14 September at 10:00 AM, the focus will shift to the Cape’s remarkable progress in sustainable energy initiatives. The Cape region has taken a leadership role in advancing power generation, exemplifying remarkable progress in sustainable energy initiatives. With a proactive approach to harnessing its natural resources, the Cape has become a driving force in adopting renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. This strategic shift towards cleaner energy not only contributes to the region’s self-sufficiency but also sets a noteworthy example for global efforts in combating the energy crisis.

Panel Members:

Geordin Hill-Lewis, Mayor of the City of Cape Town

Argon Poorun, Green Cape

Dr. Kandas Cloete, BFAP

Gary Vorster, Producer

Session 4: Sheep Industry’s Value Chain Challenges in the Cape Province

The final session on 14 September at 2:00 PM will cast a spotlight on the sheep industry in the Cape Province. The sheep industry faces a complex web of challenges across its value chain, requiring innovative solutions for sustainable growth. From breeding and husbandry to processing and distribution, various stages of the value chain grapple with issues such as fluctuating market demands, climate uncertainties, and evolving consumer preferences. Through strategic collaboration, technological integration, and a commitment to quality, stakeholders in the Cape Province’s sheep industry are working to overcome these hurdles, turning challenges into opportunities, and propelling the industry toward greater advantage and prosperity.

Panel Members:

Ivan Meyer, Western Cape Provincial Minister of Agriculture

Stephen van Huyssteen, Former MD: KLK

Dewald Olivier, RMIS

Isak Staats, BKB

Richard Krige, Producer

Nation in Conversation promises to be an illuminating event, bringing together the best minds in agriculture to dissect critical issues and chart a course for the industry’s future. The gathering at Nampo Cape is a testament to the resilience and innovation inherent in South Africa’s agricultural sector, and it underscores the importance of collaboration in navigating the challenges ahead.