May 16, 2024

Discover the joy of slowing down at Darling Brew

“Darling Brew is one of the most recognisable and highly acclaimed craft beer brands in South Africa, however, we are not just a craft brewery, but rather an innovative and dynamic beverage company, that strives to be the leading independent beverage company in South Africa, through innovation, quality, consistency, and relevance. Established in 2010 in the small town of Darling on the West Coast, Darling Brew is officially Africa’s first carbon-neutral brewery, and a bastion of operational excellence throughout the industry.

Inspiration from Nature

Darling Brew was conceptualised in the beautiful outdoors, and our beers have subsequently been brewed to be enjoyed out in nature – which is also where we have the privilege of encountering our planet’s awesome creatures on our journeys around the globe.

This is why every Darling Brew craft beer that we put out into the world aims to drive awareness with regard to the countless endangered animal species that we should all be protecting. As such, each beer – including the names and images that grace the labels – has been inspired by a different animal on the endangered species list! Examples are, our flagship Slow Lager inspired by the Geometric Tortoise, Bone Crusher inspired by the Spotted Hyena, Gypsy Mask inspired by the Roan Antelope, War Lord inspired by The Black Rhino and our newest addition The Wanderer inspired by the Wandering Albatross.

Diverse Product Range

We offer a variety of beverage portfolios, including Craft Beer, Premium Beer, Spirits, Ready to Drink, and Non-Alcohol, plus non beverage products in the shape of our highly innovative Beer Grain Crisps. Darling Brew’s Beer Grain Crisps are made with 40% spent grain. Spent Grain is a by-product of the brewing operation. This grain – which is high in minerals, proteins and dietary fibre – is usually discarded (or in our case donated to local farmers to feed their livestock). By allowing one harvest to yield two returns, we are further decreasing our carbon footprint, allowing for better utilisation of farming land, and avoiding unnecessary transport and energy usage.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle


Darling Brew

As we value a healthy family orientated lifestyle, we host a number of exciting outdoor activities such as trail running with our DB Trail and DB Vine to Hops, and our various MTB events such as the renowned DBX and the newly established DB Paternoster MTB Challenge.

If you haven’t ever visited us in Darling, or even if you have, you should pump up those tyres, and book your place on the 25th May for the 11th edition of the DBX, an exhilarating and fun filled event, with great beer to refresh you at the finish!”

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