February 15, 2024

A Call for Interest in Energy Resilience Workshops

As South Africa grapples with consistent load shedding and escalating electricity costs, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture has taken a proactive step towards addressing these challenges. In an effort to bolster energy resilience among agricultural producers in the Western Cape, the department is organizing a series of workshops aimed at raising awareness about sustainable energy practices.

Load shedding has cast a long shadow over the agricultural sector in the Western Cape, adversely affecting farm operations, food processing, and distribution. The mounting costs of electricity have also strained the financial sustainability of many agricultural businesses. In response to these challenges, the Western Cape Department of Agriculture has designed these workshops to empower agricultural producers with knowledge and tools to navigate the energy landscape effectively.

Workshop Highlights

One of the workshops, scheduled to be held on 1 March 2024 in Stellenbosch, will serve as a platform for agricultural producers, processors, and packers to delve into various aspects of energy resilience. Attendees can expect insights into:

Understanding the Impact:

An exploration of how loadshedding affects the agricultural sector’s viability in the Western Cape. Energy Efficiency on Farms: Practical steps and common interventions for improving energy efficiency.

Exploring Renewable Energy:

An overview of renewable energy options, with a focus on solar PV systems. Backup Technologies:

Insights into backup energy solutions and the importance of levelized cost analysis. Energy Finance: Information on financial mechanisms, including support from commercial banks and ESCOs, as well as potential tax incentives. Real-world Examples: Case studies showcasing successful energy resilience strategies.

Agricultural producers, processors, and all stakeholders along the farming value chain are encouraged to attend this pivotal event at the Auditorium at Elsenburg, Stellenbosch. The workshop will run from 09h00 – 12h00, shedding light on the path towards energy resilience in the Western Cape.

To secure your place or for further information, please RSVP to Buhle Mrwebi at [email protected]