Photo credit: Plett Tourism, Photo: Plettenberg Bay Winelands
May 16, 2024

Located at the southern tip of Africa, the Western Cape is not just a stunningly beautiful landscape blessed with majestic mountains and lush valleys, but also the heartland of South African winemaking. This region, blessed with a Mediterranean climate and diverse terroirs, stands as a reflection of centuries-old traditions of viticulture and winemaking. The Western […]

Photo credit: Francois Lombard
April 24, 2024

The wineries of South Africa‚Äôs City of Oaks have embarked on a tree planting campaign in the wake of a devastating storm earlier this month. Under the leadership of Stellenbosch Wine Routes, a commitment has been made to plant over 1000 trees this year to restore the landscape which was dramatically affected for future generations. […]

March 28, 2024

In 2024, under the guidance of Elmarie Rabe, Chairperson of the SA Wine Routes Forum and Manager of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes, the wine tourism industry is embracing a transformative era marked by consumer-driven trends, sustainability, and technological innovation. Rabe highlights the increasing demand for authentic, local experiences, with travellers seeking out smaller, family-run wineries […]

January 29, 2024

The Stellenbosch Harvest Parade, a cornerstone of the South African wine calendar, unfolded with vibrant festivity on Saturday, 27 January 2024, weaving through the historic streets of Stellenbosch. This annual event, deeply entrenched in tradition and community spirit, marked the prelude to the official celebration of South Africa’s wine harvest on February 2nd. The parade […]