March 4, 2024

Launch of RovicLeers syncorseed Wheat Planter at NexusAG Small grain Conference


The NexusAG small grain conference, held on 8 February 2024, at the stunning Eensgezind function venue, was proudly hosted by NexusAG, along with RovicLeers and Cerealis, making up the trio of esteemed sponsors for the event. Among the distinguished speakers at the event, Dr. Ronel Hendriks and Dr. Tersia Ter Haar addressed the audience on the intricate ecosystem of a plant’s rhizosphere, described as a microbial hotspot and considered one of the most complex ecosystems on earth.

Lindsay Green, Managing Director of RovicLeers, highlighted the significance of the conference as a platform for unveiling the latest generation of the Rovic Syncroseed seeder. This state-of-the-art equipment features a patented dual seeder, and a fully equipped Furrow system imported from Australia. Sterling Gooch, an expert in this field, emphasized the capabilities of the optional Furrow system, boasting a powerful 390l p/h pump, even though the farmer will only require up to 150l p/h the extra power is diverted to the mixer tank to keep your fertiliser tincture of different densities in emulsion ensuring a consistent application. According to Wessel Cloete from NexusAG, a lot of successful in-depth research has been done towards in furrow fertiliser application which increases yield per hectare and lessens input costs.
Other equipment on display was the Rovic Syncrospread in both stainless steel and steel. RovicLeers is excited to announce that their spreader has been certified by the Australian fertiliser association, certifying that they can comfortably spread out to 36 metres with less than a 15% variable coefficient and constant.

“We wish to thank everyone that enjoyed the day with us and wish everyone all the best with the upcoming wheat season.”

Rovic Syncrospread Wheat Planter

As agricultural technology continues to evolve, farmers are presented with increasingly sophisticated equipment designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. Among these innovations stands the Rovic Syncroseed wheat planter, a state-of-the-art machine equipped with a myriad of advanced features tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern farmers. From precision seeding to optimal fertilizer delivery, the Syncroseed sets a new standard for planting equipment, promising unparalleled performance and reliability in every operation.

RovicLeers RovicLeers

Unique Features

The aim of the Rovic Syncroseed is to be able to handle any terrain no matter the top soil or cover crop. The layout of the seeders has been strategically placed to minimize interplant competition resulting in more consistent and even germination. Another unique feature of the Rovic Syncroseed is the new generation tine, which has been completely redesigned as well as the three or four plastic tank configurations, and work lights fitted as standard to name but a few.

Rovic Leers

Advanced Features of the Syncroseed Seeder

Furthermore, the Syncroseed boasts a new design seeding unit with a breakaway force of 600kg at 90 bar hydraulic pressure, allowing for reliable and efficient operation. Adjustment on the seeding unit for closing wheel pressure and seeding depth is made easy, enhancing user convenience. The tine is fitted with a 16mm wide replaceable tungsten tile point for durability and precision. Additionally, the Syncroseed features patented dual seed placement for optimal seeding accuracy. For enhanced management, an In Furrow Management system can be fitted optionally to place liquid product where it is needed. The air system supply utilizes a Crary fan driven by a bent axis piston motor, ensuring reliable and high-performance service life. Furthermore, a high-capacity oil cooler is provided as standard to limit overheating of hydraulic oil.

Additional Features

Other features of this state-of-the-art machine include maximum granular fertilizer delivery of 400 kg/ha, supplied by the latest metering unit that will ensure constant and accurate metering of product, even in hilly conditions. Fine seed options are available for all models with various placement positions, including with seed, in seed furrow, next to seed furrow, or tailed behind the seeder. Seeders can be fitted with a spray boom on the front for added versatility. Different types of seed rollers are available for wheat, large pellets, and fine seed. Load balancing on wings ensures an even planting depth, while colour-coded hydraulic couplings make connections easier for the operator. With a ground clearance of 560mm at a working depth of 150mm, the Syncroseed is equipped with self-cleaning rubber-molded V-shaped press wheels that minimize the overthrow of soil to neighbouring rows. Known for its lower maintenance compared to other seeders on the market, the Syncroseed also comes fitted with working lights as standard.

In conclusion, the Rovic Syncroseed wheat planter represents a significant advancement in agricultural machinery, offering farmers the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive market. With its innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched versatility, the Syncroseed stands as a testament to Rovic’s commitment to excellence and innovation in farming equipment. As farmers continue to embrace new technologies to improve their operations, the Syncroseed remains at the forefront, empowering them to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability in their fields.

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