December 12, 2023

Jacqui Taylor: Pioneering the Agritourism Revolution


Jacqui Taylor, a dedicated advocate of Agritourism, holds a deep-rooted passion for connecting people with Agriculture. Her upbringing on a deciduous fruit farm, complete with cows, pigs, and lush vegetable gardens, cultivated an environment where visitors had the opportunity to enjoy picnics amidst the orchards. Following a successful career in the agricultural and tourism sectors, she desired to embrace her childhood love for the great outdoors and natural surroundings. This prompted her to do extensive research into sustainable Agritourism, rural tourism development, food security initiatives, and the preservation of landscapes.

In 2016, Jacqui founded the Association of Agritourism South Africa. What initially started as a local enterprise quickly gained traction, as the demand for knowledge about establishing sustainable Agritourism spread across borders. Her vision expanded to Agritourism Africa, marking the next chapter.

Under her leadership, these initiatives began offering a comprehensive range of training programs. These programs covered various aspects, including rural area development, product creation, crafting memorable visitor experiences, destination management, and the launch of an online reservation platform. This platform showcased authentic Agritourism experiences, while promoting inclusive best practices. Jacqui points out that Agritourism extends far beyond mere farm stays.

It represents an international trend that seeks to reconnect the urban population with operational farms. The spectrum of activities is great, including activities such as milking cows, wool shearing, fruit picking, crop harvesting, and engagement with agricultural machinery. It also includes experiences like wine tasting, cheese sampling, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, and other activities. All of these activities provide farmers with the opportunity to increase their income by making optimal use of existing resources. Notably, Agritourism also serves as a practical means of involving all farm employees in diversifying the business.

Jacqui highlights the fact that Agritourism isn’t solely about reaching a destination; it’s also about cherishing the journey. To achieve this, local communities, businesses, and farmers in rural areas must join forces to create attractive destinations. This effort ensures that everyone plays a role and takes pride in local traditions, attractions, and experiences.

Jacqui underscores the importance of visitors returning to places where they have enjoyed memorable farm visits, and highlights the positive impact this has on rural communities. She firmly believes that launching Agritourism initiatives can be cost-effective with collaboration among stakeholders. Jacqui dedicates herself to providing comprehensive training and guidance to rural communities, enabling them to initiate and manage successful Agritourism projects with confidence and enthusiasm.

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