June 25, 2024

Groot Constantia Celebrates 339 Years with Exclusive Vintage Tasting Experience

Step into a world of history as Groot Constantia, South Africa’s oldest wine-producing farm, celebrates 339 years of unparalleled winemaking with an exceptional selection of award-winning wines offered as a Vintage Tasting Experience in the illustrious cellars of the Manor House—a setting steeped in tradition and elegance.

This remarkable occasion is exclusively available over July and August and a must-do for wine lovers who wish to partake in a celebration of heritage and excellence.

Nestled in the vineyards of the historical farm, the Groot Constantia Manor House stands as a testament to both heritage and excellence, recognized as a multi-award-winning estate and a WWF-SA Wine Conservation Champion. This prestigious designation underscores the farm’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, making it a celebrated gem in the world of viticulture.

The Vintage Tasting Experience #since1685

On what is a highly anticipated occasion, Groot Constantia will open its prestigious Vintage Tasting Experience, hosted in the cellars of the historic Manor House. This unique experience offers an opportunity to taste a selection of the estate’s most prized vintages. These extraordinary wines, meticulously curated for their consistent and exquisite quality, epitomise Groot Constantia’s winemaking legacy.

A Glimpse into the Past

Founded in 1685, Groot Constantia has been a beacon of exceptional winemaking for over three centuries. The estate’s rich heritage is celebrated worldwide, and its wines have graced the tables of royalty and dignitaries, earning acclaim from Louis Philippe (King of the French) to Napoleon. Groot Constantia’s legacy lies not only in its wines but also in its ability to preserve the art of winemaking through generations, continually achieving new heights of excellence.

The cellars of the Manor House, with their cool, dark, and mystical atmosphere, provide the perfect backdrop for this tasting opportunity.

Securing a Place in History

This prestigious wine-tasting event marks a significant milestone in the celebration of 339 years of winemaking excellence at Groot Constantia and can be booked through Dineplan.

Enhance your Groot Constantia birthday celebration with a meal at Jonkershuis Eatery or Simon’s Restaurant after your Vintage Tasting Experience. Treat yourself to Groot Constantia hand-made art and lifestyle items inspired by the estate’s rich heritage at the Wine & Gift Shop, located in the tasting room at the main entrance.

Wine Club Membership

To fully appreciate the depth of Groot Constantia’s offerings, a Wine Club membership provides access to the Vintage Wine collection and a 10% discount on all current wines, with no initial sign-up cost.

The Vintage Tasting Experience stands as a testament to Groot Constantia’s enduring commitment to exceptional winemaking, sustainability, and conservation to ensure a future of continued excellence.

Use #since1685 and join Groot Constantia in celebrating its 339-year legacy

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For more information and to explore their rich heritage further, visit their website at www.grootconstantia.co.za